There is a stage of life when the problem of muscle stiffing is widespread among people. They are not able to sit for a long period of time. But medical science has gone through the massive development in this era, and scientists have developed an effective medicine for the treatment of this muscle skeletal pain. I when you will search on the internet, you will see the Wallace carisoma online website, which ensures to offer the best quality medicines to its user.

Following are the conditions in which carisoma is not safe

Liver problem

The liver related problem is common among the people of various age groups. If you have to use the carisoma tablets for the treatment of the muscle issues and facing any kind of liver disease, you are advised to have the proper consultation with the health expert and ask about the proper dosage of the medicine as the excess of this can create a problem for you.


If you are the mother of the newborn baby, you have to breast feed your child on a regular basis to provide him all the necessary nutritional values. If you have been prescribed for the carisoma tablets by your health expert, you must make him clear about the lactation because the excess of dosage can be harmful to your baby. If you go through the Wallace carisoma online, you will get the complete details about this drug.

Kidney problem

If you have ever gone through the kidney dialysis or were having any kidney-related health problems in the past, you are advised to consult your doctor and tell him everything about your kidney problem as ignorance of this can result in the occurrence of the critical situations for you. You must consider the proper cautions and regulations while having the consumption of carisoma medicine.


The consumption of carisoma medicine during pregnancy can have a serious effect on the mother as well as the child in the womb. The research has been done on the animals that were very close to giving birth to their infant ones. And it was observed that the charisma had a very bad effect on the mother who was just two days behind to give birth to the babies. So if you are pregnant you must avoid the consumption of the carisoma medicine.